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Spring Haiku 2011 – Part 2

a single egg fell
from the nest in the pine tree
doves in grey mourning

sometimes when I ride
i want to close my eyes and
let the horse rein me

having a kitten
means going through bandaids
like a house afire

on May twenty-first
at precisely twelve a.m.
rapturous moonrise

as the clouds were limned
just before the moon came up
i heard coyotes

Riding the Haiku Train

Travel writer and fellow Freevillian, Rachel Dickinson, inspired me to explore the Haiku form with her Daily Haiku posts on Facebook. I think she cross posts them from a WordPress blog called The Daily Haiku. I was immediately hooked.

Here a few of the haiku I have written in the past few weeks, in reverse chronological order, starting with today:

Dec. 6

crows wheel in the wind
blowing snow drifts round the house
hot cat in my lap

Dec 5

a sound of crying
dominoes in migration
snow geese have returned

Nov. 25

menu: crock pot hen
baby peas and bread stuffing
cranberries, of course

Took dinner to the
old folk’s home and watched TV
she gave me a gift

Nov 23

mysterious sky
my changing weather outlook
winter advances

Nov 19, 2010

yes i♥friday
full of promises like an
unfaithful lover

Weekend mini series
Lust, shopping, TV, laundry
Sing Monday Monday

spider web catches
a snowflake and is revealed
otherwise unseen

Nov. 2 2010

I’m nervous today
about the voting results
sugar binge predicted

October 31

rain and snow obscure
the mountain in the distance
northern harrier