Riding the Haiku Train

Travel writer and fellow Freevillian, Rachel Dickinson, inspired me to explore the Haiku form with her Daily Haiku posts on Facebook. I think she cross posts them from a WordPress blog called The Daily Haiku. I was immediately hooked.

Here a few of the haiku I have written in the past few weeks, in reverse chronological order, starting with today:

Dec. 6

crows wheel in the wind
blowing snow drifts round the house
hot cat in my lap

Dec 5

a sound of crying
dominoes in migration
snow geese have returned

Nov. 25

menu: crock pot hen
baby peas and bread stuffing
cranberries, of course

Took dinner to the
old folk’s home and watched TV
she gave me a gift

Nov 23

mysterious sky
my changing weather outlook
winter advances

Nov 19, 2010

yes i♥friday
full of promises like an
unfaithful lover

Weekend mini series
Lust, shopping, TV, laundry
Sing Monday Monday

spider web catches
a snowflake and is revealed
otherwise unseen

Nov. 2 2010

I’m nervous today
about the voting results
sugar binge predicted

October 31

rain and snow obscure
the mountain in the distance
northern harrier

8 thoughts on “Riding the Haiku Train

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  2. Patti

    Rachel, I can’t stop this train!

    bitter and winter
    they almost rhyme, paired
    in more ways than one


    rumble, clang, roar, whoosh
    blinding lights, behemoth breath
    the plow truck going by


  3. Jingle

    magical Haiku train…
    love the ride….

    I invite you to participate in poets rally week 34.
    follow the ping back link and place your poem in,
    poetry awards are assigned upon completion.
    Happy Monday!
    The Deadline is Wednesday


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