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Spring Haiku 2011 – Part 2

a single egg fell
from the nest in the pine tree
doves in grey mourning

sometimes when I ride
i want to close my eyes and
let the horse rein me

having a kitten
means going through bandaids
like a house afire

on May twenty-first
at precisely twelve a.m.
rapturous moonrise

as the clouds were limned
just before the moon came up
i heard coyotes

Spring Haiku – 2011


now my sunrise year
of gray to crimson beauty
has come full circle

april to april
spring to spring, sunrise sunset
i’m the book between


remember april?
birth, death, anniversaries

house finches scolding
heavy cat kneading my arm
red deer in sunrise


the itinerant
doves of mourning have returned
for summer love songs


the lake is fierce
whipped tourquoise and aubergine
brave gulls time their dives


damn snow obscuring
stealthy black frozen puddle
ouch – i have fallen

hobbled by mishap
suddenly i see grey wings
northern harrier


sunrise slides northward
each day a bit farther left
Democratic sun


caked, stained tails and manes
the old grey mare turns to brown
mud season is here

they open the locks
far far north of here and the
lake level rises

vernal equinox
i feel a gut twinge, a cramp
like a teenaged girl

"super moon" march 2011

supermoon rises
in a cold clear sky
due east: proud blushed perigee


all careful plans have
larger forces at work, like
weather predictions
ladybug plays dead
good strategy, good for you
and good luck with that
cardinal treetop
bluejays in the apple trees
no bobolinks, yet


sugary branches
ice fog: what chilling god would
create such a thing?


february gasps
trees are figured in the rain
resolving details

Jury Selection Haiku

I was called for jury duty in my county’s Supreme Court. Like most people, I saw this as an annoyance, an imposition and interruption of my own affairs, a selfish but justifiable sentiment. I forgot to bring a novel to fill the boring empty hours of selection, so I wrote some haiku.

jury duty call
a case of mental hygiene
clean, i am biased

no, i’m impartial
where my own bias occurs
cut from colored cloth

i feel dutiful
responsible, capable
also recluctant

marble leather stone
eagles brass rosettes bunting
words: in god we trust

if i am asked to
swear, “so help me god,” will i
be telling the truth?

so much waiting time
should have brought a book to read
crime and punishment?

church pews in the court
i guess justice is just like that

what is he thinking
the accused sex offender
sports scores? what’s for lunch?

waiting for the judge
a juror parts her long hair
weaves a skinny braid

the court attendant
relaxes, along with us
reading the paper

all rise – we all rise
be seated – everyone sits
here come the judgement

some are duly sworn
i am not among them, i
am unselected

why disappointed?
partiality revealed
sets me free, or not

new winter haikus

More winter haikus on topics of love, travel, weather and the seduction of spring.

I betray winter
by beginning an affair
with a younger spring

kiss of winter dawn
leaves a rime on my chapped lips
empty calories

nineteen ninety-one
flashback to the new year’s eve
he didn’t kiss me

Irate woman rants
gate agent blamed for all problems
a day in the life

The wind knocks palm fronds
against the roof, mocking sleep
impossible rest

Winter Haiku

The lake is freezing
seagulls float on mini bergs
crows stalk the shoreline

A half-grown cat’s tail
switches at the falling snow
winter under glass

Starlings tweak berries
from the tree’s winter fingers
oh, to fly as one

Here, invisible:
an eclipse eclipsed by clouds
better luck next time

Riding the Haiku Train

Travel writer and fellow Freevillian, Rachel Dickinson, inspired me to explore the Haiku form with her Daily Haiku posts on Facebook. I think she cross posts them from a WordPress blog called The Daily Haiku. I was immediately hooked.

Here a few of the haiku I have written in the past few weeks, in reverse chronological order, starting with today:

Dec. 6

crows wheel in the wind
blowing snow drifts round the house
hot cat in my lap

Dec 5

a sound of crying
dominoes in migration
snow geese have returned

Nov. 25

menu: crock pot hen
baby peas and bread stuffing
cranberries, of course

Took dinner to the
old folk’s home and watched TV
she gave me a gift

Nov 23

mysterious sky
my changing weather outlook
winter advances

Nov 19, 2010

yes i♥friday
full of promises like an
unfaithful lover

Weekend mini series
Lust, shopping, TV, laundry
Sing Monday Monday

spider web catches
a snowflake and is revealed
otherwise unseen

Nov. 2 2010

I’m nervous today
about the voting results
sugar binge predicted

October 31

rain and snow obscure
the mountain in the distance
northern harrier